R.I.P. – Walter Bressert

R.I.P. - Walter Bressert

R.I.P. - Walter Bressert  R.I.P. - Walter Bressert

I am sad to say my father Walter Bressert passed away peacefully on Feb 11th, 2017. He was an amazing man and father. He will be missed dearly.

My Father appreciated all your support over the last 40 plus years. And I know he wishes you well in your trading.

Walt studied the work of Edward R. Dewey and J. M. Hurst and became a pioneer in the application of time cycles to market analysis, which he used extensively in analyzing commodity markets. During the commodity boom of the 1970s, he had the most expensive market letter in the country, HAL Commodity Cycles. (HAL stands for “High And Low.”) In 1981, Walt, Ian McAvity and I pooled our resources for a joint promotion under which we sent respondents concurrent trial subscriptions to our publications. It is sad that Walt and Ian are gone. I liked Walt because he was not a poseur but honest and down-to-earth, with an understated sense of humor.
An interview Walt did in 1998 offers a good taste of his personality and thinking:
His son Jerome has assumed responsibility for the business at bressert.com.

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