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About Jerome Bressert

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I have been around trading my entire life since 1971.

This picture was when we formed the Bressert Group in 1994

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Professional background

About Jerome Bressert

More Information  More Information  More Information  More Information  More Information  More Information  More Information  I always love the “about me” pages on websites like this because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the the owner of the site.

Jerome Bressert

Mr. Bressert is the son of Walter Bressert who is well known for his study of cycles in commodity markets starting back in 1971 and today considered the father of Cycle Analysis.

Mr. Bressert started out in the business as a young man trading alongside his father through the 1970’s and 80’s. He worked with his father year-after-year learning how to identify cycle top and bottoms in both interest rates, energies, precious metals, grains, softs, meats, stock indexes, and the U.S. business cycle.

Mr. Bressert started his professional career in January 1988 as a Series 3 Commodity Broker joining International Trading Group LTD in San Diego, CA. Here he worked as an associated person educating clients on how to use cycle analysis in the S&P 500 futures market. Due to his father’s popularity, Ann M Parent, LLC offered him a position to manage their retail trade desk where he accepted and withdrew from International Trading Group September 1988 registered with Ann M parent October 1988. He successfully managed and increased order flow on their trade desk from his name sake alone.  As his father’s advisory service grew, Mr. Bressert was offered prestigious positions from brokerage to brokerage giving him the opportunity to move up quickly.  Multivest Options Inc., poached him soon after starting to manager their options desk so Mr. Bressert withdrew in January 1989 to join Multivest in late January 1989.  His duties mirrored the previous position and his name once again quickly grew the desk to support more execution service than the year before. With so much success, he quickly realized that he could advise clients from his years of experience in trading and run a brokerage so he positioned himself with his next role so that he would intuitively understand clearing operations and took a position in the trading pits of Chicago.  So in June 1989 he registered with Dunhill Investments Corporation to work in the S&P 500 futures pit clerking orders so that he fully understood the execution process in futures and options from start to finish.

In March 1990, Mr. Bressert joined Lehman Brothers Inc. as an Associate managing the commodity trade desk.  His duties ranged from advising clients on commodity markets to developing and beta testing technology that would lead the way to online futures trading.  Lehman Brothers allowed Mr. Bressert to develop wide contacts with market participants including individuals at commercial organizations, professional traders and commodity funds.  During this same period, Walter Bressert’s advisory service was one of the largest futures research companies in America. So Mr. Bressert left Lehman Brother’s in November 1990 to join Walter Bressert’s research service as its subscribers swelled.

In January 1993, Mr. Bressert registered with Rosenthal Collins Group and did business as the The Bressert Group.  He quickly built a thriving brokerage supporting Walter Bressert’s research and was soon asked to join RJ O’Brien and formally accepted in October 1994.  In January 1995, he formed Bressert Investment Group (B.I.G.) while still retaining the name The Bressert Group he continued to act as a guaranteed introducing broker of RJO.  B.I.G had several branch offices hiring a number of registered commodity brokers supporting Walter Bressert’s research and commentary. Mr. Bressert spearheaded the build out of an entire brokerage company eventually helping to coin the phrase turnkey IB that would later be used at (PFG) Peregrine Financial Group.

Under B.I.G., Mr. Bressert assumed control of his father’s software business which sold and supported the trading indicator package called CycleTRADER. The offering of trading software was met with a huge response so Mr. Bressert had to meet the demand and manage the growth to help the many thousands of clients who bought CycleTRADER from 1995 to 2003.

Mr. Bressert discovered the importance of the new internet just introduced in 1993 as a way to trade online and developed Bressert Online Trading (BOLT). So with B.I.G offering trading software, the brokerage service quickly became one of the most sought after brokerage companies by retail investors.

In August 1998, Mr. Bressert joined Wasendorf & Son Co. the parent company of PFG.  He upgraded BOLT to Bressert Electronic Systems Trading better known as BEST Direct.  Mr. Bressert was responsible for the further employment and marketing of BEST Direct. He worked with the many programmers and support staff to help develop BEST Direct.  He then put live trading platforms in the Chicago trading pits where users could send orders directly to the pits in 1 second.

PFG raised over 10,000 customer accounts in excess of $400mm in trading capital through the turnkey IB model making PFG on of the largest non-clearing FCM’s.

In May of 2001, Mr. Bressert formed OTS a guaranteed introducing broker of Refco, LLC.  BEST Direct was a huge success so Bressert sold his equity shares and agreed to join Refco to build out a unique desk at the time offering multiple online trading platforms.  This one desk raised over $50mm in customer accounts with just 4 additional Series 3 brokers. He was responsible for the day to day operations, client support and trading. He also was the first to offer Strategy Runner that automatically executed trades with Refco and was eventually bought by MF Global in early 2011.  During this same time, the organization of partners for OTS changed adding additional ownership interest from an outside investor so Online Trading Solutions was created in August 2002.  Mr. Bressert was dually registered from August 2002 to March 2003 when registration was withdrawn from Online Trading Select.

In March 2003, Mr. Bressert formed FIAT Forex and was designated Trading Principal and system traded most major and minor currency pairs for a handful of clients.  Refco was the majority stake holder in FXCM so he managed existing relationships and was responsible for system development, co-location of servers with the OTC desk, and monitoring execution.

As trading went fully automated, Mr. Bressert added real-estate as in investment class and discussed the benefits of property and housing as a hedge for inflation.  In January 2005, he focused on real-estate in Scottsdale AZ building many high-end homes with a team of contractors and a management style similar to his brokerage companies.  He was able to find undervalued homes in the best locations and added more value by adding an additional 500 to 2000 sq. feet to the home as well as doing a gut rehab on them. He managed many construction teams at the same time and was able to sell all his homes while the market was topping.

Real-estate took his attention from the short term trading methods used in the S&P 500 futures markets but in January 2015 he came back to his passion and modernize the well know Bressert CycleTRADER Indicators. After the financial crisis of 2008, market technicians have a better understanding of correlation and market internals.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s cycle traders tracked price through the framework of a channel and used momentum indicators to identify low and high points in and outside the channel. Price was believed to be forecastable but it turns out it has little to no forecastable qualities. But what does seem to have some forecastable qualities is volatility.

Today, Bressert CycleTRADER uses the foundation of low and high price action relative to a flexible channel but also measures the cyclical nature of low to high volatility.  This means CycleTRADER doesn’t multi-correlate indicators that just measure price but looks at statistical extremes in supply-demand, seasonal, commercial positions, and market sentiment.

From January 2016 to June 2016, Mr. Bressert wrote the eBook called The PowerClose and 5 trading courses called The PowerClose, SMA Fader Systems, Fear Factor Breakout Systems, PowerScalper and Mind Set.

He wrote the book and courses to help his clients understand the many movements a market can make.

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