CycleWave Online Trading Course

All you need is one idea that could change how you approach trading.

Once you recognized these patterns and see them play out on the charts, you will know what to expect or how to trade it.

When you think about the markets, they are full of Chaos and the patterns never repeat themselves exactly the same each day. You need to be prepared for the unexpected moves.

Price List

The goal for this course is to help traders know what to do and why they did it throughout the day.

CycleWave Trading Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Cycles
  • Goal Setting
  • Mind Set
  • Picking Your Market(s) to Trade
  • Each Market’s Personality
  • Markets are Chaos
  • How to set up the start of your day
  • When to start trading
  • After Hour Trading
  • What chart time frame(s) to watch
  • Determining Trend
  • CycleTrader Indicators
    • Keltner Bands
    • Live Fibonacci
    • Bressert SMA Detrend
    • DoubleStoch Indicators
    • RSI – HAL Indicators
    • Bressert PPI
    • Bressert Close Counter
    • Bressert Close Strength
    • CycleWave
    • Bressert level 1
    • Bressert Level 2
    • Bressert OHL – Medium
    • Bressert Open Close Chart
  • Trade patterns for entering trades
  • Congestion Zones
  • Breakout Patterns
  • Entering a trade
  • Enter around cycle bottoms and tops
  • Entering – Buy Bid – Sell Offer
  • Adding more contracts and why
  • Trading stop ideas
  • Exit strategy ideas
  • Price Objective ideas
  • Taking profits and let balance run
  • Taking a loss
  • Getting back in on a move
  • When to Stop Trading
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

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