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We offer 4 trading courses because we believe that during any given trading day, you will be presented with many types of trading patterns and not one pattern fits the entire day.

Bressert Trading Courses –

Original PowerClose – Follow the Close – My first course – You will learn about cycles and trading in the direction of the close and how important this will be in your trading.

Fear Factor Breakout Systems Course – Congestion Zones – Markets moves, then congest, then break out, you will want to be part of these breakouts.

SMA Fading System Course – Maximize Entry / Exit Price! I feel your trade entry price is key to your success. This course will show you the way to get better prices.

PowerScalper Trading Patterns Course –  This is the latest course that covers tons of common trade patterns.

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Customer Comments-

Over all, extremely surprised and pleased at the quality and detail of your course material. They top 98% of the training and courses I’ve purchased and paid thousands more than the normal cost of your courses…..With this information, I believe now that goals and expectations in trading can truly be met.

Michael W – Chicago Area

Wow, Great Courses!!!  I see it now, you are right! You can get in at much better prices and feel confident about each trade. Thank you for showing this to me…up $875 my first day playing around with these patterns. You may have the Pot of GOLD! THANK YOU!

Renee – Chicago

Hi Jerome!!!!!!  I haven’t words to explain what I have done with your system in 30 min.  I am very very impressed!!!!

In Only 30-40 min I had winners in NQ and euro/dollar for 200$ with only one trade.

I watched the course only one time this morning, I added the  indicators like you explained and these are the results.

I can’t believe it.  If this works like I just saw I think you’re a genius.

Really awesome!!!!

Juan – Spain

It’s funny. When I was in that trade I barely looked at the PT indicators. I was more concerned with bar closes and swing highs and swing lows and areas of buying and selling. For years I’ve had it hammered into my brain that price is the siren on the rocks and to only trade based on your indicators.  What is accurate is that price is TRUTH!

After you told me the indicators are lagging by one bar it opened my eyes. Waiting for that 15 minute bar to close at 0845 took an eternity. Once it retraced I was able to strike and take very little heat and move my stop slowly instead of getting fearful and taking 8 ticks and running away scared. I was as calm as could me. Now I know what Mark Douglas refers to Trading in the Zone.

By no stretch of the means am I cured of all ails but with your knowledge I can become a disciplined trader. I’m sure we will be doing more lessons in the future because I almost got fooled thinking long this morning because I was too focused on lagging indicators.  I must start thinking cycles and not indicators. That should be our next lesson. How to detect the correct trading trend.

Looking forward to the new cycle counter.  Couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you so much.

Rick D – California

More Customer Comments

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