CycleTrader Auto Trading Strategies

What are the 5 biggest trading coding challenges with any auto trading system strategies?
  1. Trend
  2. Entry timing / price
  3. Stop placement
  4. Exit timing / price
  5. When to stop trading

After thousands of real time testing the list above has been valid in building all our systems.

#1 – Trend – We had to create a number of new indicators to look at trend which includes the OHL-Medium, Close Counter, Close Strength, and Level 1&2 Vol Indicators.

#2,4 – Entry/Exit – For entry timing, we developed the real time CycleWave Counter to let the system know when we are at a cycle top or bottom plus used market patterns such as the breakout lines as ways to get the best fill price at the time.

#3 – Stop Orders – We had to come up with a combination of the OHL indicator, trailing stops patterns and chart exit patterns using the custom indicators we developed to get out and take a profit or loss.

#5 – The last part is the way we calculate in real time daily profit and losses. We can stop all systems at X $ amounts, number of wins or loses or the max profit for that system by itself.

What really is the CycleTrader System?

CT is an ENGINE where are the parts work together 100% of the time.

This engine has been professionally designed and written since late 2016.  All the parts work together perfectly.

For example: When you hit your profit target in real time, it will stop trading…  When the start time says 9:04 am, it will start at 9:04 am only… When the trailing stop is suppose to move every 1 tick, it will move every 1 ticks… or when you are using 8 filters to enter the market, CT will wait for all 8 to enter the market as it is suppose to.

The CycleTrader Trading Engine Systems encompasses the CycleTrader Indicators and other well known indicators as filters for deciding  when and where to enter the markets.

The only attention that is required is what input values to enter into the filters for each market.

You can set your own, or you can use one of our Niche Systems which we have selected the values to have proven to work.


CycleTrader’s Trade Engine

The system outline below shows the sections of the CycleTrader’s Trade Engine System. We left nothing out.

We included many entry and exit options to choose from which means you will be in full control of all your auto trading.

They are all available with a “Turn On” or “Turn Off” Function. In other words, you can choose how many of the functions to turn on or off.

CycleTrader System Outline –

Each of our systems follow the same outline. The only difference will be the input values for that market for each Niche System.

Start and End Time – 

Set the best time to start and end your day trading.

Max Profit and Loss for the day

This works 3 ways.

  1. Set the max profit loss for the day for each system.  
  2. Set the max number of wins in a row.
  3. Set to stop trading if ALL systems achieved the max profit or loss.

# Contracts to trade and add to positions

You can select the number of contracts to trade per trade with the option to add contracts below and above the market. The system will auto add to your profit targets and stop orders as you add positions.

Trade Entry – 

CT has a number of ways to enter the market. We use the PowerClose and the Vol Difference indicator for Entry as our main entry.  What make CT different is how you can combines a number of different filters to the entry to make it easy to apply even a 1 min chart to the program.

Multiple Data Inputs –

CT has 3 additional chart time frames that you can connect to any of the filters for longer term chart outlooks and filtering.

Section 1 Filters –

Cycles –

There are 3 ways to look at cycles to time your trade entries and exit. In this section, we decided to make these filters separate from the indicator filters below.  Meaning, both sections would have to line up to enter the market(s).

In this section, we added the OHL Medium Indicator and Parabolic and Trend Line Filters.

Section 2 Filters –

The 2nd set of filters are all for all the Indicators filters.  CT makes it possible to choose 1 or more filters to filter the trend of the market.

It also includes a percentage of filter which means you can choose for example 10 filters and then say if 60% say be long the market, the system will then look for only Buy Orders.

Modifications –

There are a number of modifications to enter the market once the trigger is set to enter.

One modification for example may be to Buy in X ticks better each time.

We set this section up to help get the best fill prices.

The Modification are activated when there is a Trade Entry order to enter the market.

  • Time of the day? Is it in the time frame to trade
  • Profit Loss Hit or Not? System hit max profit or loss for the day
  • Trigger? What Triggered the trade
  • Filter? What is the direction of trend
  • Close direction – PowerClose entry

Modification – The modification is KEY to the success of entry to enter at the best preferred price.


Profit Targets -.

There are 2 profit targets to exit your trades you can choose from.



Exit Order Patterns –

CT has a number of ways to exit the market using market patterns, cycles, profit targets, stop orders and more to help protect your profits and limit the losses.

There are a many patterns to exit the market the same way you gotten in the market.

Chase Market –

There are 2 ways to chase the exit if either in your direction or against the position.


Stop Orders –

There are many type of stop order patterns and trailing stops.


Cancel and Wait for New Orders –

CT has a 2 functions to cancel your order X bars out and a way to wait for a new enter after exit of the last order.

CycleTrader Systems are well organized, fined tuned set of inputs that all work together.

We added many unique inputs so you can try out all your trading ideas with just one system and see what works best, or use one of our Niche Systems.

What are CycleTrader Niche Systems

They  are the same full CycleTrader System that we developed, but we have pre-selected the inputs for each particular market(s) and time frames.

Niche Systems Goal – The goal with Niche Systems is to have 3 Niche Systems for each of the following markets.  ES, NQ, Currencies, CL, GC and ZB(Bonds)

Other Key Features Only With CycleTrader Trading Engine 

Combining Profit/Loss to one Input – One of the many unique features just to the CycleTrader systems is the ability to stop ALL the systems instantly when certain profit or loss target is reached.   This function will happen in real-time.

Additional Data Streams – Another key feature is to be able to apply up to 3 additional data streams to the filter/indicators at one time. This feature will direct the system to look at the bigger picture while trading shorter term charts. 

Percent Filter – With CycleTrader, we can run any number of filters at one time and then take a percentage % of them to determine to enter the market on the LONG or SHORT side in real time. We can even use any number of data streams above. This is unique just to CycleTrader Systems.

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How do you get access to the indicators and systems?

All we need is your NinjaTrader 7 Machine ID.  Keep in mind, when you lease the auto trading systems, we will send you the CycleTrader indicators with the lease for free.

Once you download the system or indicators, we will contact you to set your computer up. This process will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Do you want to create your very own system using the CycleTrader Trade Engine?

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