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CycleTrader Indicators were first created by Walter Bressert, my farther, in the 1980’s and made available to the public starting in the 1990’s with TradeStation and MetaStock .

Fast forward… in 2015, while Writing the new CycleTrader Trade Engine Systems,  we found that we needed more improved indicators to help determine the trend and anticipate the turns in the markets.

From  2015-17, with NinjaTrader 7 and 8, we made huge advancements by adding many of these new indicators to the list never before seen that identifies trends, and cycle tops and bottoms better than ever before.

One of the most powerful indicators developed in 2017 called the CycleWave PPI Indicator, traders can now anticipate the turns in the markets before they happen.

This turned the corner on how we approached the markets.

The CycleTrader FULL set of 23 Indicators now comes complete with the well known DbleStoch, B-Line(RedLine), HAL, PPI, Close Counter and Strength, CycleWave, Level 1&2 Vol and Modified Detrend with Cycle Counter and more…

What makes us stand apart is that most all the indicators come with Cycle Counting  which will help you get in and out at better prices.

All these unique CycleTrader indicators will help you determine trends, see where to get better fills prices and make more money by staying in the markets longer.

The markets move fast and cycle timing is probably one of the best tools to help you get in at the best entry and exit prices at the RIGHT TIME.

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List of the 11 sets of CycleTrader Indicators:

Note: The full list below of 23 indicators comes with NT7 and NT8.. TradeStation and MetaStock just has ProfitTrader Indicators.

– Price List –

#1 – ProfitTrader Indicators ProfitTrader Indicators was the original work from Walter Bressert. PT Indicators has 3 main indicators called the GreenLine, YellowLine and RedLine which will allow you to see the market direction more smoothly and market turns as they happen.

#2 – HAL IndicatorsThe HAL Indicators is a set of 3 indicators (Slow, Med, Fast).

HAL is a modernized version of the ProfitTrader RedLine which is a super modified version of the RSI. We then added a real time cycle counter and added up and down arrows to the chart when the indicator turns… then changed the color of the indicator on the turns so you can visually see everything!

All this means you will see the markets better than most all other indicators. for market timing and market direction

#3 – SMA Fader Indicators

The SMA Fader Indicators are a modified version of Walters regular detrend indicator, plus a real-time Fibonacci retracement  indicator.

We modified the SMA Detrend by adding real time cycle counts on the turns, then added what may be a one of kind line of close overlay on the chart. This will show you where the market closed in relation to to the spread over or under the SMA which will allow you to see more clearly how the chart patterns are behaving.

The Live Fibonacci retracements shows both the upside and the downside range based on the last bar’s range in real time and moves with the market.

#4 – Power Play Indicator – PPI

The PPI Indicator has turned out to be one of my new favorite indicators.  This new indicator is the combination of ALL the CycleTrader Indicators combined into one indicator with a  cycle counter overlay.

You will be able to select which of the CycleTrader indicators to include in this new indicator.

All this will help you smooth out the markets, count the cycles and anticipate market trends and reversals.

#5 – Auto CycleWave PLUS

There one indicator is like have 7 indicators in one.

We added:

  • Real-Time Auto Cycle Bands & Cycle High/Low Dots
  • Gann Angles
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • Breakout Lines
  • Speed Lines & Projection Lines
  • Real-Time Trend Lines
  • Price Windows
  • Price Waves Windows.

All this will most definitely help you see the market timing and market projection MUCH MUCH Better.

#6 – Bressert Filter Percentage Indicator –

Imagine being able to filter over 20 plus indicators at one time to see on a percentage basis, how many are long or short at the same time in real-time… With our new Filter Indicator, you can do this! and you can do this 4 different time frames!

This will give you light years advantages over others. No one has done this type of work that I know of and now you can see everything working together to give you the notice to be long or short.

#7 – Bressert Open Close Chart Type

This chart pattern combines X bars together as one bar which will help smooth out the markets into one bar that is smoother.

This can help you not get shaken ed out of the markets.

#8 – Bressert Close Strength Value

This new indicator takes the length of the Open and the Close for X bars back… then adds the values together and plots the net value.

For example, if one bar’s range was +10 ticks and the next bar’s range was -5 ticks, the net result would show +5 ticks.

Why is this important? It is important so you can see how strong or weak a market is and know which way to trade the markets.

#9 – Bressert Close Counter

The Close Counter will plot in real time how many times the bars closed above their openers and how many bars closed below their openers x bars back.

You can set the period back to any number of bars and add in any number of the counters that your chart will hold. This indicator will help you see how strong the market is going in one direction. When they cross, you can see the momentum of the market change.

#10 – Bressert OHL Medium Indicator

The new OHL indicator will show you just this…the Open, High and Low.  We then added in the 2nd open of the market and 25% and 75% ranges.

I have found that these levels are very important to which way the market is going to trade that day and this is now my favorite TREND Indicator. When you see this on your charts, you will find that the market is bullish above the Medium level and bearish below it.

#11 – Bressert Level I and Level II Volume Indicators

The Level I Volume Indicators shows both the number of contracts sold and bought plus the DIFFERENCE between them… which will show you the strength and weakness of the current market so you can be on the right side of the market.

The Level II Vol Indicator will show you in instant real time how many contracts above and below the market 5 to 10 levels deep want to sell of buy… Then it plots in real-time the difference between them.

It is like seeing the other person cards before you enter to play. These 2 indicators will give you insight on the market direction. Combine these with all the CycleTrader indicators and you got a real team.

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